Why I'm Never Sick of Pie Even When I'm Sick of Pie

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So apparently some food bloggers are sick of pie and looking for something new. Don't they know it's NaBloPieMo?

OK, I can see what they mean. I noted in my first post that pie is SO HOT right now (and therefore ripe for burnout). $44-dollar Momofuku pies! Pie bike delivery!

blueberry pie

Image by The Bitten Word via Flickr.

I've seen a lot of alternatives to pie already this year: pumpkin pie bread, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin custard -- all of which sound very, very good.

But pie … is pie. Pie is special.

It's what the Pie Queen told LeAnn of The Portland Pie-Off: "Pie takes you back to your childhood. It takes you back to your grandma's house. … People connect with pie."

Why pie is special from LeloNopo on Vimeo.

It's celebrity chef Rick Bayless telling Good Food's Evan Kleiman about picking peaches with his Oklahoma family for peach pie: "It's the most nostalgic food for me -- all I have to do is have some peach pie and it will cure all my ills. I'm on top of the world again."

It's Alanna Kellogg of Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture, who told me, "I make pie every day when I visit my dad -- people know to make requests in advance, he pays off all his social debts inviting people for pie and coffee each night. " (Her family favorite is Frozen chocolate peanut butter pie.)

It's Lisa of Homesick Texan writing a tribute to her grandmother in the language of pecan pie.

It's stories about the day you first rolled out the crust, recipe cards written in Palmer script, closely held family secrets, memories of your little brother's favorite "‘lemeringuepie.", surprising your mom with a much-talked about recipe.

What food is most nostalgic to you? Is it pie or something else? I will be honest and say that for me it is really peach cobbler, then chicken and dumplings, with pumpkin pie a distant but still respectable third place … How about you?

Have you seen all the pies I've blogged so far this month? I'm talking about pie every day in November at the Month of Pies archive.


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