Why I'm Saying "God Bless Texas"


The first reason? Because it will probably make the "Hail Satan"-chanters really, really upset. Heheh.

But for real, I'm a woman who has a soft spot in my heart for the Lone Star State (went to college there, married a Texan, love meat and big hair) and I couldn't be prouder of Texas than I am right now, because last week, a new pro-life bill passed, making late-term abortions illegal, and family planning centers safer all over the state.

Jan. 26, 2013 - Austin, Texas, U.S. - ROBIN NEWBERRY, 12, of Houston, marches to the Capitol in the 'Rally for Life' on Saturday. Hundreds attended the pro-life rally that came on the heels of the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion rights. (Credit Image: © Jay Janner/MCT/ZUMAPRESS.com)

Principled people didn't cave. They didn't bow to mob rule or the false rhetoric of "women's rights". Instead they stood up for actual women's rights - the ones that demand clean and safe facilities, fair treatment and no abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. These are the kinds of rights that protect both mother and child, and are crucial to preserve. They didn't let bullies win: the despicable men who tried to make this issue about them and their sexual needs instead of the health and well-being of the women they want to use and the helpless children they donate sperm to, the screeching protesters who used graphic images to make an impossible case, the mothers who used their children as props, advocating for the obliteration of their peers.

This was a tough battle. I know that many of my readers don't agree with my analysis. You think that women's rights have gone backwards and that you'd better go buy a set of coat hangers and find yourself an alley somewhere. But here's the thing: I refuse to apologize for standing for life; for believing that, despite the rhetoric, EVERY child is wanted. There are thousands of people waiting to adopt the child that you so wish to dispose of, who can't wait to hear her first words and take her to swimming lessons. There are hundreds of couples who have given up hope of ever having a family, who would give your child everything you can't. I understand. I know that the idea of washing away some lifeless tissue and being absolved of responsibility is tempting: but it's not just tissue. It's a life. It's a person with feelings and personality and your Grandmother's spunk and your Mother's eyes. It's a unique creation made in the image of God.

So today, I am grateful for Governor Rick Perry. I'm grateful for the people in blue shirts who sang "Amazing Grace" at the Texas Capital and never backed down. I'm grateful for legislators who didn't let this issue die, because they couldn't stand by and let more children die on their watch. I'm grateful that we can still make a difference, that there is life and beauty to be fought for in the world. God Bless Texas.

(The battle for life in Texas isn't over with this bill, as new legislation was introduced last week that would restrict abortions past eight weeks of pregnancy. If passed, this would match North Dakota for the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country.)


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