It's About Choice, and We're Choosing Public School Over Private School

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In addition, it is my belief that we cannot depend on the school to provide all of our children’s teaching. We need to supplement our kid’s education with extracurricular activities that help to round them out. For example, we’re planning on putting our kids into classical music lessons, team sports, swimming, summer camping, March break science camps and anything else their little hearts desire (that they’re willing to stick to, of course).

Public school teachers are doing the best they can with the resources they are given. Parents who are supportive of the public school system need to join with teachers and school administrators to advocate for school reform. We need to step up, enroll kids in public school, be a part of the system and try to improve things from within.

I realize that our opinion is not quite the popular rhetoric in my neighborhood. So be it. I’ve never been a fan of conformity. So the next time I’m asked on the playground or at a play-date if we are going to be sending our kids to our local private school, my answer will still be a strong and resounding "no." There’s nothing wrong with private school, but we have decided that it is important for us to advocate and champion the public school in our area, both for our kids and the rest of their cohort. After all, if we abandon ship along with the other parents in our neighborhood the local school will struggle even more, and we refuse to be culprits to that travesty.

How did you decide where to send your kids to school? Was it the right decision for your family and what has been your experience so far?


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