Why Is It So Hard for Moms to Go Out with Friends?

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When was the last time you went out with your girlfriends? No kids. No husbands. A "Mom's Night Out" kind of thing full of fun and letting down hair and talking and laughter and... worrying about the kids at home? Ah, yes. Sometimes it's hard to go out and have a good time as a mom.

Mom's Night Out
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While reading about the hassles and struggles of planning a get together with friends over on Allison's blog, Go Dansker Mom, I remember my earlier days of motherhood. I didn't want to miss a bedtime. Ever. I didn't want to miss a bath time or a storytime or goodnight snuggles. Now? Meh. I'm kind of over it. Though, of course, now I wonder if I should be feeling guilty. Allison further ponders the difference between moms and dads when it comes to going out with friends.

She asks:

Do men or women have it easier getting out of the house to be social?

My husband just goes. He doesn’t wallow in guilt, consider everyone’s “needs,” wonder if our boys can hack it, concern himself about the health of his familial relationships, or assess how this night out of his will affect the state of his marriage. His thought process goes something like, “I’d like to go get a beer with my buddies.”

The end.

She has some points there, when I think about it. There's no pre-planning or back-and-forth about who can go when. My husband doesn't stop and think, "How many bedtimes have I taken on in the past few weeks?" He says, "Hey, the guys are meeting up after the Union meeting. I'll be home before 10, if that's okay." And it is okay, because he so rarely gets out himself.

What about you? How do you get out with your friends without the mom guilt, in between the family schedule and the need for your own sleep? Finish reading Allison's post and let us know.

(PS: It's been far too long since I've been out with my friends. I need to call them up. Now.)


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