This is why it's hard for single men to respect women...

Last night I had an interesting conversation with a young lady I was FRIENDS with. And after the conversation, I sat back, mad at myself for being the nice guy and doing my best to respect this young lady... because it's true, nice guys finish last. Please take a read of the conversation below;


Girl: We’re going to hang out and kick it the weekend after next

Me: Hey, I’m holding you to that

Girl: For sure. Hey, I meant to tell you and please know that I’m only telling you out of respect but I kinda started dating someone. We’ve been friends for four years but never crossed the friend line before. I’m just telling you but I still want to hang out with you. But I understand if you don’t want to hang out anymore

Me: You want the truth?

Girl: I’m sure you hate me. And let me just say it’s not like I’ve been on dates.

Me: Well, it’s not like I’ve ever tried to be more than your friend. I do my best to keep in touch and never once even tried to take it past the friend line. But for some reason I guess you’ve always been convinced I wanted more when I really didn’t. So now it really makes it seem like your “busy schedule” isn’t what you make it out to be because you’ve found time to date someone.

Girl: Ok well no, I’m not trying to make it seem more than it is because you’re right. I just want to be respectful because we’ve had chemistry before and that’s all. And no I didn’t have any dates but I’ve expressed my feelings and how do you phrase that? So I just said dating for the lack of a better word. Idk how but I always seem to make myself such a fool with you. I don’t mean to and I’ve meant everything I’ve said to you about my schedule and wanting to hang out. But I don’t normally make out with friends so I just want to be open and honest. All I wanted was to hang out with you and show you who I really am with friends but it seems I never get to.

Me: So basically I’m the guy who’s really tried to be your friend but has been getting stepped on because you didn’t want things to go further when that was the furthest thing from my mind. When you said you weren’t ready to date I respected that and kept it friends. I guess that’s the perks of trying to respect someone. Idk

Girl: I’ve tried to invite you out to make it up to you but you’re never available either. I hate the way this makes me look but all I want is to be respectful and kick it with you. I just never seem to make it happen.

Me: I mean, I’m not one to sit and bitch you know… Cheers and Goodbye!

I will never speak to her again.

Amongst other things, this young lady is a liar. Busy schedule with no time to hang out as friends but found time to date someone? Makes out with me but doesnt want to be in a relationship, then ends up in a relationship? I find this more than disrespectful... It's a slap in the face.

How many times has this siutation happened to me and guys alike? Chemistry with a young lady, and being respectful of her wishes and end up finishing last? Too many to number. I think this is an indicator or WHY men are agressive and why we choose to do things the way we want to do them. You will get cheated. You will be lied to.

But I know from now on... I'm playing by my rules.