Why it's important to remember Super Bowl 2014 is in New Jersey

If you have any friends from New Jersey, you're probably sick of all of the "THE SUPER BOWL IS IN NEW JERSEY NOT NEW YORK POSTS".  I get it, it must be annoying, but sadly it is something we feel must be constantly defended.  Today I'm here to explain to you why it is so important to all us Garden Staters that the media and everyone else gets this right.

{one} First off let me reiterate once again that the Super Bowl this year is indeed being played in New Jersey....East Rutherford, NJ to be exact.  That is where the stadium is located....always has been.  Yes, they are called the New York Giants and Jets {I have no idea why} but the stadium is in NJ.

{two} The players are not actually going to be in New York at all.  They landed in New Jersey, attended media day in New Jersey, are practicing in New Jersey, have been sleeping in New Jersey, will play the game in New Jersey, and will fly out of New Jersey.  All Jersey, no York.

{three} New Jersey law enforcement and NJ transit have been in meetings planning this since the day after we won the bid to host it.  They are the ones who have planned for every possibility to keep everyone at the game safe.  It is also the NJ power company who has been bringing in extra generators to make sure there are no power outages this year.

{four} It is the people of New Jersey who have to deal with hours of extra traffic and road congestion.

{five} New York is the greatest city in the world, I get that and believe it 100%.  So not only do they not have anything to do with the Super Bowl other than one block of the city {for newscasters} and a few parties, they also don't have anything to prove.  Everyone knows how great it is already.  But for some reason people around the county only associate NJ with tanning, fist-pumping, and smog.  And trust me, we are so so much more than that.  With this Super Bowl, we're going to show the world the beauty, professionalism, and absolute fun of our state.  So butt out NY, this is Jersey's time to shine.

So remember, this is not the New York Super Bowl, nor is it the NY/NJ Super Bowl.  It is the NEW JERSEY Super Bowl, and will be one of the greatest ever in history.  {unless something terrible goes wrong, then we'll just blame Staten Island;-)}


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