Do We Use Our Kids As An Excuse? (Are You Sure?)

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[As a general rule, moms are overscheduled and overtired, just trying to get through a week of family dinners and homework in hopes of getting some fun family time on the weekend. But one BlogHer blogger says that having a family means we can say "No": No to parties we don't want to attend, no to family events we can't make because of Joey's soccer game, no to fundraisers, bat mitzvahs, group picnics, you name it. Because we can blame it all on our busy family schedule, writes Eleonore at her blog celebrating no-husband, no-kids adulthood. Do you think this is true? (As for me personally, her post made me think I might not be taking advantage of this excuse nearly enough!) -- Stacy]

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On a regular basis, I am expected to do something or be somewhere that I don't want to do or be. I usually just say "I can't", but sometimes it's not that easy. What I've noticed is that my friends regularly use their spouse and/or kids as an excuse to get them out of undesirable situations. "I'm sorry, my kid has a fever/a soccer game/an important test that day." "Gee, I can't because my husband will be away/has a commitment/is a grouch"...whatever. It doesn't really even matter what the reason is; the point is that a spouse or kid is a perfectly acceptable reason to get you out of anything you want to be nicely gotten out of. Nobody questions it.


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