Why the "Legitimate Rape" Comment Didn't Offend Me

I make a very concerted effort to not get too twisted around the axle about political issues.  It's not my main discussion point generally because I have (and want to keep) so many of my friends who sit firmly on both sides of whatever fence is built for the week.

This is not to say I don't have my opinions about a lot of issues, and I do point out and support and vocalize about some of them in a more personal way.  I'm just not at a point in my life where I can expend a big effort protesting and lobbying and launching letter-writing campaigns.  I have friends who are in that arena, and they're very passionate about it.  I merely recognize that I can't handle the additional anxiety in my world right now.

But then my husband actually brought to my attention this "Legitimate Rape" turd that fell out of Rep. Todd Akin's mouth.  As I was subsequently inundated with news coverage and information from "both sides" as to what went down, I began to think....I'm not really shocked by this as much as other people are.

And I'm not.  I didn't know what state or party this guy belonged to.  I didn't care.  I fully expect in this political climate for lawmakers in both parties to make comments about issues and twist and bend them to fit their own agenda.  For Rep. Akin (and everyone else) to latch onto this and make it the polarizing abortion-issue du jour is obvious.  But nobody seems to be addressing the real global underlying issue.

He said he came to this conclusion based on what he "understands from some doctors".  THAT, my friends, is what made me take notice.  For anyone, man or woman, republican or democrat, to be sent forth to make decisions as to the laws of the land on behalf of its citizens to make said remarks (precluding their corresponding nation-changing decisions) clearly shows 1) their lack of education on the topic(s), and 2) their willingness to absorb erroneous information from obviously unreliable sources in order TO educate themselves.

I put these comments in the same category as I would, "From what my grandma told me, the stork only delivers babies to the loving homes of mommies and daddies who have been married at least 9 months and have enough income to raise them".

Both equally illustrate the intention to those on the receiving end that they are considered children who are too fragile and unknowing to understand how the world (and science) works or make decisions on their own.  To that, I DO take offense.


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