Why Marketing to Women is Smart Marketing

In the past, big ticket items like cars were deemed male and smaller ticket items like groceries were female. Therefore, marketing efforts were usually directed toward one sex or the other. All that has changed in the modern consumer world, however. Women now do most of the purchasing in just about every sector. For almost every business, there are several reasons to direct all kinds of marketing, be it TV commercials, brochures, or internet ads, towards women.

Women Do the Most Purchasing
According to studies, women make over 80% of purchasing decisions for their households. This reason alone should cause marketers to direct their efforts towards women. Women not only buy traditionally feminine items such as clothing and groceries, they also make purchasing decisions on 65% of new cars, 91% of new homes, and 66% of personal computers. Since women do most of the buying, it just makes sense to create advertisements, print brochures, and design websites that appeal to them.

Women Control a Lot of Wealth
Women are making a lot more money than at any time previously. In fact, women make up 39% of top earners. Women over fifty especially are financially well off as a group, and likely to become more so from family inheritances. Some estimate that women will control two-thirds of consumer wealth over the next ten years. With all of this buying power, it behooves business owners to pay attention to what these women want.

Women Share their Experiences
When a woman has a positive experience with a business or a product, she is more likely to tell others about it than men are. If you provide excellent products and service, this can result in free advertising to a lot of people.  

Marketing to Women Can Appeal to Men Too
Women tend to be savvy shoppers who place an emphasis on quality. Advertising that you have quality products will obviously appeal to both sexes. Other advertising and sales techniques that appeal to women will also attract male purchasers. To start with, include information in your brochures or commercials about how your products will affect buyer's lives positively, instead of only listing the features. For instance, a vehicle with low gas mileage affects people's lives by leaving them extra money to spend on fun experiences or other necessities. Another marketing technique that appeals to women is to leave a lot of white space on your brochures, ads, or websites; women like room to think. Since white space improves the overall attractiveness of a design this will appeal to men as well.

If your company hasn't yet made the transition to women-focused advertising, you should strongly consider it. Best Buy, Dell, and many more large corporations have done so and found success. Hire a good marketer with the right experience and follow the right techniques, and you should see your sales go up too.