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There are a lot of things doctors think harm a fetus, including hair dye, as well as shit they KNOW harms the fetus, such as tobacco. Smoking radically increases the risk of stillbirth and doubles the change of neonatal mortality. Do they test mothers for tobacco use in ERs? Nope. White women smoke while up the pole. Rich and famous white women smoke while preggo. The long arm of the law isn’t reaching for them. How about if a bottle blonde has a miscarriage? Using the same criteria that they are using on Gibbs means that the woman who dyed her hair should go in the pokey because she added to the risk of stillbirth. Being overweight may cause pregnancy complications including miscarriage. Should I have been arrested for endangering a fetus because I was fat and pregnant? How about depraved murder when I miscarried at 12 weeks? Sure, my miscarriage had nothing to do with my weight … but that doesn’t mean a trial wouldn’t have poured salt on my wound.

This will never, ever effect a man. There have been studies since 1991 which show that cocaine can maybe “piggyback” on sperm, meaning women are exposed if her partner uses it. Men who smoke significantly endanger their partner’s pregnancy, even if they don’t smoke around them. Is the law going after the men who got women pregnant if she loses a baby? No. Only the women.

Where does it end? Can they take away your baby because you refused to do what the doctors told you to? Yep, that happened. A “baby girl has been kept away from her mother for almost five years after she refused to sign a form consenting to a Caesarean section - even though she did not end up needing to have the operation … The hospital said that her refusal to give permission for the C-section amounted to child abuse and thus reported her to welfare authorities. This was despite VM saying that she would agree to the operation if it became necessary and going on to deliver a healthy baby. The courts agreed with welfare agencies in New Jersey that the baby, born on April 16 2006, should be kept in care and revoked parental rights. VM was successful at an appeal hearing that reversed the lower court's decision saying that the mother was 'unwilling or unable to eliminate the harm facing the child' and that 'termination of parental rights will not do more harm than good.'”

Imagine the state ripping your newborn out of your arms because you wanted a vaginal delivery. Imagine your decision to eat fast food during pregnancy meaning you went to jail if your baby died. Imagine your hair dresser being sent to prison for dying your hair because she acted in a “depraved” manner to your fetus. Imagine women being forced to pass a drug test for alcohol or tobacco in the OB/Gyn’s office. Imagine having no say in your body or your choices once you became a “host” for the embryo.

Is that the world you want to live in?

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