Why Michelle Obama Went to South Africa

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[Editor’s Note: In 2008 I was part of a group of American bloggers invited to tour South Africa. Barack Obama had recently been elected, and everywhere we went South Africans were jubilant over the first African-American president. So why has there been so much flak over Michelle Obama’s recent trip? Was it just an excuse like right-wing critics were charging for a fancy trip? Rohit Kachroo at The Grio offers a first-hand account of the First Lady’s visit.--Mona]

She writes:

Many South Africans have a new heroine this week -- Michelle Obama. If the national media is a fair reflection of the national mood, it seems that people have suddenly switched from being indifferent to being enthusiastic about the first lady's presence here.

A few days ago, talk about the trip seemed to center on the president's perceived failure to deliver aid, investment and face-time to the leaders of the continent from which he draws some of his heritage. 'Why couldn't Mr Obama be bothered to come himself?' many have wondered.

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