Why Mindset is Crucial to Your Success

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Skills can be taught. Mindset needs to be cultivated. In the quest to get all the right tools (aka skills) people often overlook the number one factor affecting your success. Learn why more than ever inner work and mindset is crucial to your success.

Many years ago, I headlined at a popular venue in a big city. It was a great night, and I felt like a rock star. After the show, I was walking toward my car with an entourage of music promoter types carrying my stuff. The conversation was lively, and everyone wore black.

As I was walking, I suddenly remembered something.

“Ohmigod,” I thought. “Deepak and Wayne are right there in the front seat of my car!”

(I had inadvertently left my collection of woo-woo audio books in my passenger seat for all the world to see.)

So I walked fast, opened the car door, and I shoved all of my friends – Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, etc – under the seat. I wasn’t yet ready for my music biz cohorts to know the truth about me:

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