Why My Blog Needed a Fresh Start

 If you’re anything similar to my personality, you’re probably pretty hard on yourself.  Meaning I set large goals that I want to complete but believe that the super hero inside me will somehow make it happen.  Never fully giving myself the chance to see positive results.  And then, the self-doubting really begins.  ”I don’t have enough time to make this happen,” is a common self-sabotaging thought that often runs through my head when.

That’s why this year I didn’t make any New Years resolutions.  And literally no one else around me did either; other than the promises to loose weight or get in shape.  So, I decided to look at this New Year as my fresh start.  I did some soul searching and asked myself what it was I wanted to do but didn’t believe I could do. And surprise… it’s writing!  I started off the new year telling my fiancee I wanted to be a blogger.  Not just a writer that sits anonymously behind my laptop, never really sharing what I’ve learned and what inspires me. But rather someone who can laugh from the mistakes I’ve made in the past and keep moving forward.

What my blog’s fresh start looks like:
1. I picked a blog topic that is me!

It’s not work related or my answer to making thousands of dollars every day. But rather something that inspires me and gives me cool new ideas every day!

2. Not getting bogged down in the social media world

It’s not all about how many friends/followers you have.  Of course I look forward to seeing my follower number growing, but I’ve learned that spending time gathering friends when you have no real content to point them towards is the recipe for disappointment.

3. Setting up WordPress

I’ve had a few “attempts” at this.  I use the word “attempt” because in the past I never spent the time to make my blog function the way I want it to. Or maybe even look cute enough for people to want to visit.  So, my goal was to make things functional! Important things like setting up a RSS feed and auto-publishing my blog posts to social media.  And guess what, it really took very little time.  Amazing to see what can happen when you stay focused.

4. Tracking your results to see what’s working

I’ve yet to fully understand the world of Google Adwords and am a bit SEO challenged at moments. After all, I want to write about what I think my readers would be helped by; not just what will give me a high ranking and leave my reader disappointed in the content provided.

I made the $12 investment in a white board which is now hung in my bedroom.  On it I’ve listed the followers I have and the goal for the number I want to have for this month.  What makes this even better is, it’s a white board.  Meaning it’s a goal but isn’t set in stone.  When next month comes along I’ll be able to see how much I’ve grown and realize the things that helped me get to that point.



Rewriting my life, from scratch...



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