Why My Kids Are Spoiled

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The Location: Dari-O

The “Problem”: Mimi

The Players: The Kids, Mimi, Deb

The Story: My mother (Mimi) wanted to go shopping today so we could get the kid’s Halloween costumes. First stop -- Dari-O. To eat lunch. The kids already had lunch at school, but the rest of us had not. So we ate. And I bought the kids a bowl of ice cream. Zoe, Luke, and Olivia wanted Chocolate. Wade wanted vanilla. No one liked it.

I said, ”Well if you aren’t going to eat it, just sit still and wait for us to finish eating.”

Mimi said, “Would you like it better if it had chocolate syrup on it?”

Wade said yes. And off she went up to the counter with the first bowl. She came back with chocolate syrup on the ice cream. Wade started eating it and liked it. Zoe had the stink eye going on.

BJMAB touches down in Burlington, VT

I said, “Zoe, stop acting ugly -- you should really try the ice cream, it’s good!”

Mimi said, “If I go buy you a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, will you eat that?”

Zoe and Luke said yes. And off she went with her wallet to the counter. She came back with two bowls of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Zoe said “I don’t want to eat that.” Luke said, “I don’t like it.” Now we have three bowls of chocolate ice cream and three bowls of vanilla ice cream sitting on the table. And Wade was the only one eating it. (I ate lot of ice cream today at lunch, by the way.)

After we finished eating, Mimi dug in her wallet for four quarters so the kids could buy something out of the gumball machines.

Mimi said, “Now remember, you may not get the exact thing you want because it just shoots one out and you never know what it will be. I’m only going to give you each ONE quarter so you have to be happy with what you get.”

Wade said, “I got a sticker and I wanted a ball!”

Mimi said, ”Here is another quarter”.


I rest my case.

Photo Credit: missmeng.


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