I Moved the Family & Now My Kids Will Need Therapy

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[Editor's Note: Having recently moved her family from New England to New York for her job, Kami wrote a post at The Fence about the trials of moving kids around the country. To make matters worse, they then went on vacation almost immediately, so her kids have no idea where their new home is. Instead of lamenting that, she wrote a post that made me laugh out loud that includes some of the things her kids have been saying about the move, not knowing where they live and so on. I mean, won't all of our children need therapy at some point? -Jenna]

Why My Kids Will Need Therapy as Adults:

The Gang“Mommy, can you buy me a new stuffy? I used to have soooooooo many stuffies, but I can’t find them anymore. They are probably still in our old house.”

“Mommy, you asshole. You packed up all our shit, forced us out of our dreamy New England suburb, plopped us into the big, scary city, then whisked us away to freaky Nantucket where the men are clad in red chinos embroidered with lobsters. I HATE YOU THIS MUCH.”

Read on for some more laughs (but only because your kids will need therapy too).

Photo Credit: Wes Peck.

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