Why is my Toddler Not Eating

Welcome to the first topic in our Life As A Toddler Series! Today we are discussing an issue that is happening right now with my daughter. I am sure we have all been there. Does this dinner time routine at my house sound familiar to you?

Facing the issues of my toddler not eating has completely frustrated me. She ate so healthy as a baby. Kale smoothies, chicken (not nuggets, actual chicken), veggies, the works. Then one day, it stopped. We try different types of food, and before she even tries them, they disappear to the floor, and then the breakdown occurs. I was researching this topic so much on Pinterest, blogs and other parenting sites my head was about to explode. I found this article on familydoctor.org about how to make meal time more enjoyable which I found a little helpful:

How can I make mealtimes easier?

You may want to try the following suggestions to make mealtimes easier and more enjoyable:  
  • Give your child a heads up. Ten to 15 minutes before mealtime, tell your child that it will be time to eat soon. Children may be so tired or excited from play activities that they don't feel like eating. Letting your child know that it is almost time for a meal will give him or her a chance to settle down before eating.
  • Establish a routine. Children are more comfortable with routines and predictability, so set regular mealtimes, have people use the same seats at the table or create a tradition to have each person talk about something fun or interesting that happened to them during the day.
  • Reserve mealtimes for eating and for spending quality time with your family. Don't let your child play with toys during mealtimes. Reading books or watching television shouldn't be allowed during mealtimes either. Explain to your child how good it is to eat together and ask him or her to stay at the table until everyone has eaten.
  • Make mealtimes pleasant. If mealtimes are pleasant, there is a good chance that your child will begin to look forward to eating with other family members. Try to avoid arguments during mealtime.
  • Manage your expectations. Don't expect manners that are too difficult for your child. For example, don't expect a child who is 3 years old to eat with the proper utensil. For many children, a spoon is much easier to handle than a fork.

  We tried all of these. Still not working. Then, Jamie came along. When I talked to her about contributing to this series, she wanted this to be her number one topic- helping toddlers overcome eating issues. If you read Jamie's Bio (right here) for this series, you can see why she was the perfect person to help in this crisis. I went to Jamie's house one day for a playdate, and amazed at her daughters, and their surprising love of food. Anyone have a toddler that asks to actually eat green beans? Or kale? Her little ones do. Amazed. I just want my child to start actually eating ANYTHING, let alone the really good stuff. So Jamie and I are on mission. It is the "Helping Giuliana Love Food mission", as I like to call it. But, she can help you in your journey of toddler eating too! She is not a doctor, or even certified in nutrition. But, she learned how to get her toddlers to enjoy all types of food, healthy ones too! She is just a mom with a love of healthy food that she wants to pass on to her daughters.


After Jamie and I talked about some possible solutions to the eating issues we are having, especially in the veggies area, here are some things we came up. Problem: Giuliana refuses to eat vegetables, unless they are served in a Plum Organics packet. Probably my fault for continuing to give her these, but since she wasn't eating veggies the regular way, and this was the only way she would. Working Solution: Hide the veggies in foods she actually likes. Is this working? So far, yes. Dave made her Pancakes which are her favorite, with Broccoli and Apples in them. How To Get Your Toddlers to Eat Their Veggies The next thing we are trying to battle: Problem: Giualiana refuses to eat at dinner time. Literally will not touch any food on her plate. But, she is starving in the morning. Working Solution: Feeding her healthy things in the morning to see if she will eat them. Besides her pancakes, we are trying little things with more protein like chicken,carrot muffins and egg and meat burritos. I hope that maybe if she is most hungry then, we can get most of her nutrition in the morning hours. So my friends, for right now these are the things we are tackling with food issues. What are some of things that you have faced, or are facing right now? What can we help you with? Join in on the conversation with us over in our Facebook Group- Life As A Toddler, join here. Or, add a comment with some things you might need ideas with in helping your toddler eat! Jamie will be back in a few days to give you some great tips, ideas, and of course a great recipe!   Till next week! Keeping trying, your doing an awesome job. love, Nicole & Jamie