Why Obamcare gets an “F” from this Single Mom

What I truly didn't realize, until my accident, is that I would have virtually no coverage if any of my providers were not in my carrier's network under this new Covered California plan. I always believed that my policy provided me the choice to receive coverage from any specialist or hospital, whether or not considered by the insurance company to be an in-network provider. Under Obamacare I can certainly still do so. Except with my current coverage, only if I can solely afford the entire cost, for that out of network provider, with no maximum cap!

The medical bills for my surgery are estimated to be in the $20,000 range and any portion of that which has been determined to be out of network is now my sole financial responsibility. That's because Mr. Obama didn't care enough to make sure the insurance companies provide coverage to us, the small entrepreneur, no matter where we receive medical services. How on earth can anyone view this as “affordable’ health care for every American?

The Postscript

My health insurance carrier, whom verbally assured me in November 2013, my plan was NOT changing, in fact, DID. Then on February 14, 2014, three weeks after my surgery I received a letter dated January 29, 2014, informing me that my new healthcare plan is now an EPO with a completely different network of providers. I should be expecting new insurance cards in the mail shortly. A clear indication of the absolute ineffective Obamacare/Covered California implementation, and the unclear confusing communication between the health care providers, the insurance carriers and the public.

Who Else will suffer the Affects of this Ill-conceived Plan?

While I am neither a registered Republican nor Democrat, nor do I consider myself politically active, in this case I have to agree with the Republicans. People like me, who are neither protected by a big company policy nor qualified for the subsidies currently offered, must be returned to our original health policies.





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