Why a Quality Photo is So Important in Online Dating

In Defense of a Good Photo                                        

 The following story was pulled off Singlesnet’s forum page. Like most, I was touched by the content, but after reading people’s feedback felt moved to defend why we depend so heavily on a person’s image when shopping for love.  Read on.


James was a highly respected officer in the army. In his spare time, he liked to surf the net and talk to new people online.

He had been talking to a woman for some time now and had a sort of internet relationship with her. He had actually fallen in love with her. The only problem was that any time he asked her about sending a picture her response was, "If you love me this much then what I look like doesn't matter."  So, he agreed and let it go.

Later, even without seeing her, knowing only her personality and how loving and caring she was, he asked her to marry him, to which she answered yes. They decided to meet at a train station for the first time and she told him that she would be wearing a red rose, so that he would know who she was.

Well the time came and James stood there in his full officers uniform waiting, ever so anxiously, for her to come off of the train.

Then, he looked over to see a tall blonde with a short cut dress, nice legs, longhair waving back and forth in the wind and the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. He couldn't believe his eyes. Then from behind her appeared an older heavy-set woman wearing a red rose.

As the beautiful woman walked by she asked, "Goin' my way soldier?"

James, as if he didn't even hear her, just turned around, stood at attention with tears of joy in his eyes, looking at the older woman and said, "It's a pleasure to finally meet you." to which the older lady replied, "I don't know why, but that lady that just walked by asked me to wear this rose.  If you came up to me, ask you to meet her in the restaurant across the street."


So James and Blondie live happily ever after? Maybe.  Additional questions arise.  Did they both have on-line profiles with big purple squares instead of pictures?  Or did James have a pic and lanky blonde none?  It is hardly realistic to me that a couple would bank their whole futures on another individual when they have no idea if they would have chemistry. It is just too important.  I have been married and I know what it takes to either "go" or "no show" for the long haul.  How can you commit without knowing you have a gravitational force on your side of the odds?

A realistic, best-shot photograph is IMPARATIVE.  If everyone would get on board with this notion, there would be a lot less wasting time and disappointment.  This is a huge reason of why I started Eventful Dating.

Singles get a nod from each other when they recognize that they have been photographed recently and with a real photographer.

It is not fair to ask another, take me for who I am on the phone and on-line, without considering my appearance!  We look the way we look for a reason.  Some people go the extra mile each day to ensure they are staying fit, eating right and therefore looking younger and better than those that are out of balance.  It is a direct indication of who that individual is on the inside too! Believe me, all it takes is a few months of dating to deduct that reality!  Some do have a genetic advantage, but there are many, myself included, that are not always looking for pretty boy/girl types. So lets give each other some credit and get our best photo and best-self ready to meet people with whom we hold an initial attraction when looking online!


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