why rescue dogs are worth it

IMG_5277-2 Jarrod and I have been binge watching Game of Thrones lately. In a recent episode, a flock of crows was shown, flying and making their loud-ass "caw caw" noises. Rosie was dead asleep, but she woke up suddenly and started barking like crazy at the tv. I've also caught her barking at crows when we're in our yard. But she was seriously SO MAD at the crows on the tv and would not stop barking. I was laughing so hard that I was crying. She is such a hilarious little weirdo and, even though she isn't perfect, she makes our lives better. So if you're wary of getting a rescue dog, I want to share just a few reasons why rescue dogs are worth it.

Our other pug, Bowie, was sorta rescued. He was from a breeder of show dog pugs, but his coloring was "off" so he was surrendered to a local vet when he was about 8 weeks old. So we kinda rescued him, but he never had any hardships. He is such a little baby. But, on the other hand, little Rosie is straight from the streets. She was found wandering a neighborhood at the age of 4 or 5. She wasn't fixed and the rescue searched for her owners for several weeks but no one claimed her. She was all dirty and her ears were infected. The rescue spayed her and updated all her shots. When we went to see her, she was so underweight and sad looking but she immediately snuggled against me when I picked her up. We had to take her pathetic little butt home that day. IMG_5467-2 The whole drive home, Rosie just screamed and howled and cried. Our vet later told us that it looked like she had been debarked. Which is as crappy as it sounds and has been outlawed in many states. Sad. But Rosie isn't silent, she just has a different kind of bark, which sometimes sounds like a normal bark but raspier, but other times sounds like a screaming banshee. I joke that our neighbors must think our house is possessed if they walk by while she is doing her thing.

Anyways, so she screamed the whole way home and then screamed all night while we tried to sleep. She also had some food/territorial issues, so attacked Bowie nearly everyday for a couple weeks. We were worried things weren't going to work out with having two dogs, since she seemed to be making Bowie's life miserable. I thought we were going to have to give her back and I cried about it a lot. (The below is not me crying but me trying to make a face as sad as Rosie's. She still wins.) IMG_5365-2 But we just kept working with her. In the first few months, we also found out that she was completely deaf. We tried medications but our vet thought her ear drums were irreparably damaged from numerous untreated ear infections. (Thanks, prior crappy owners. Jerks.) Her ears were also filthy so I just worked on cleaning them everyday. With consistent cleanings, she now has decent/partial hearing and can hear louder noises that she couldn't hear before. Like the crows, ha. She also started being more playful with Bowie and learned that she was going to get fed everyday and didn't need to be a food jerk. She became snugglier and more used to being in her crate (without hours of screaming). She is still not perfect, since she likes to wake us up an hour before our alarms go off and she still sometimes gets snippy with Bowie, but she is so so much better.

Rosie is the weirdest dog I know. When Jarrod isn't home, she lays in the pile of shoes by the front door. She makes the weirdest noises and snores like crazy. She's missing some teeth and her tongue sometimes falls out of her mouth. She farts a lot and has bad breath. But she makes me laugh everyday and I can't imagine our lives without her and without our Bowie too. All dogs are a lot of work, but I think it is so worth it. I know not everyone can get a rescue dog for whatever reason, but if you're having reservations, just consider it. They might take a little more work, but it's worth it. Rosie is our stinky little baby and I'm so happy that she has a better life now than her past life. I wouldn't trade her stinky breath kisses for anything.

Share your puppy/doggy/cute pet stories with me. I was never an animal person before we got our Bowie and now I'm obsessed with the little stinkers. As I'm sure you've guessed.