Why Running is Good for My Whole Family

Example 1: Pokey family at the breakfast table.

Me without a morning run: "ARghhh! Why can't you people just eat your breakfast? I CAN'T TAKE IT!!! It is time to EAT!!"

Me after a morning run: "Hi, guys. You want more maple syrup with that?" 

Example 2: Stack of towels falls off of badly-loaded shelf in messy closet.

Me without a morning run: $%&$%(&%###p#&!!!!! I cannot live like this! &$(*#&##@#%!!!! Do you hear me??"

 Me after a morning run: "Gosh heavens!* [restacks towels] Honey, I'm going to jump into the shower now! You OK with the kids?"

* I am not making this up. This phrase actually came out of my mouth. I was more shocked than you, I think.  

Example 3: The preschooler is refusing to get dressed and I'm running late.

Me without a morning run: "Get your clothes on now! You wanted these pants! What is wrong with these pants? HUSBAND GET IN HERE AND DEAL WITH THIS!! MAX, GET DRESSED NOW!!! COME ON!"

Me after a morning run: "Hey, Max, let's race, you and I. First one to get dressed wins. OK? Go! Oh, no, you're winning! Where are my socks? Oh, gosh, look, you're winning!"  

Example 4: We are now very late and neither child wants to put shoes on and the toddler runs away calling "Nooooooooo" when I try to get his jacket on him.

Me without a morning run: "Arghhhhhhh! Dammit! Shoes on NOW!!! We are LATE!!! Mommy is LATE!!!! Why can't you just put your shoes on? Honey, YOU do this!! I cannot take it anymore!"

Me after a morning run: "Hey, hon, can you get Ben's jacket on him while I go get the stroller out of the basement? Max, which shoes are you wearing today?"

Wow, I must really suck to live with when I don't go running.



Julia Magnusson

Blog: http://notlikeacat.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @notlikeacat


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