Why Saying You Love Everything About Motherhood Is a Big, Fat Lie

Mommy lies

I’ve told my sweet princess I love everything about motherhood so many times.  Well, guess what?  I admitted to her yesterday that sometimes Mom lies.

While I do love being that child’s mom and am convinced I was created especially for the job, I most certainly found a part of it that I hate…

Cleaning up vomit.

I haven’t had to deal a whole lot with bodily fluids in my four years as a mom since our daughter came to us at nine-years-old fully potty trained.   When she’s sick to her stomach it usually comes out the south end. Into the toilet.  Wiping issues and snot have been about the worst of my gross mom duty.

Aside from her throwing up on a fair ride (all over herself and her BFF) a couple months ago, I can’t recall her vomiting.  So I was surprised when I came home from running errands and heard,

“Momma?  Can you help me clean up the bathroom?  I threw up all over it while you were gone.”

She was curled up in the recliner, still not feeling well.

Her allergies have been really bothering her.  She’s been sneezing and blowing up a storm.  She was getting out of the shower and it just spewed out of her.  All over the toilet (lid closed, unfortunately), floor, garbage can and wall.

Poor sweetie.

My husband was home, but she didn’t even tell him he was sick.  ”He’s been stressed and tired, so I didn’t want to bother him,” she said.

Lucky me. (Sarcasm.)

Lucky him. (For real.)

Of course I cleaned it up without complaint because that’s what moms do, but I realized I certainly don’t love EVERYTHING about motherhood!

What mom lies have you heard (or told!)?

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