Why Should I Hire a Professional Photographer?

Think about it this way: Are you a professional? Of course you are! And why are you a professional? Because you provide a product or service better than anyone else, due to your extensive experience and expertise in your industry.

The same principles apply to hiring a professional photographer: you are a professional - and a professional hires other professionals because you value their expertise and experience. Just like your clientele value your services. (And, of course, as a general rule: always go with a recommended professional. So do your homework to be sure you are getting the best out there, just as you would in any other industry.)

First Impressions:

  • Professionals make you look more impressive to your target audience – and,
  • First impressions are everything!

So, attractive, professional photographs will exact the immediate expectation from your audience that you are a professional and an expert in your field. (I mean, come on - do you really want to trust your brand to Uncle Bob just because he got a Canon for Christmas? No way!)

*Here is an interesting statistic: First impressions are based on:

  • How You Look: 55%
  • How You Sound/Your Inflection: 38%
  • What You Say: only 7%!
    • Perhaps sad, but true. Here is the point: you need to bank on exuding that excellent first impression. Get through that initial moment successfully, and then you are sure to have all ears on you!

The Benefit of Experience:

  • A great professional photographer will employ his or her experience, creativity, knowledge and insight – so both you (and, not to mention, you as your brand) are captured in the best possible light (both figuratively and literally).
  • A great professional photographer will also analyze your requirements – such as, ‘What do you want to achieve through these photographs?’ Like a branding professional, a great professional photographer will develop an understanding of how you want to portray yourself and your brand, then use those ideas to make you stand out.

Which Type of Photos Should I Request?

  • You definitely want a headshot. This is simply a classy, straightforward photograph of your face.
  • A shot of your whole body, preferably on a white background.
    • Why your whole body? Well, one good reason is that this shot gives you a 3-in-1 deal. You get an additional headshot, a shot from the waist up, and, of course, the whole body shot.
    • Why the white background? Because you (or a professional graphic artist) can crop out a white background and replace it with any background you like.

Ok, I Have Photos, Now What Do I Do?

Get those great photos (representing you and your brand) out there and everywhere! This includes:

  • On your website, your blog and your social media outlets;
  • On your newsletter, your speaker sheets, your slide presentations and your handouts;
  • On your book(s), your reports and your workbooks;
  • …and more!

I have said it before, and here it is again: Be Everywhere! Trust me on this one: the growing trend on the Internet is the representation of real people, rather than the initial trend toward the anonymous.

So, the time is now: take advantage of this trend, hire a professional photographer, and continue to build and/or extend your great brand today!


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