Why Traveling with a Toddler is FUN! & Menkes Disease Awareness

We're back and oh my goodness ya'll, the flight home was 100 times worse! We had a 2 hour car ride to the airport, our flight was delayed and delayed some more (to save our sanity, we let Sofia run around like a wild banshee in a vacant row of seats at the gate!) and we wrestled a squirmy wiggle worm the entire flight, which at that time I was praying for patience & a Bloody Mary, especially when Sofia shit herself & smeared melted M&M's all over me.

All in all, traveling with a toddler wasn't too bad! ;)

We spent our days in FL soaking up the sun, spending as much time in the warm air as possible, playing in the pool & made a visit to the zoo.

We had the most amazing vacation, wish I could bottle up every minute of the love & excitement!


On another note... 

As I lay here in my warm & toasty bed, staring at the monitor watching my sweet angel sleep, it makes me think twice about how grateful I am to have been given such an amazing gift. I sometimes take being a Mother for granted. There are so many people out there who would give anything to become a parent and who would give the world to have a healthy child.

My real life friend, Alex, who (has amazing style!) blogs over at Pink & Prosperous has a very close friend with a son named Teddy who has been diagnosed with Menkes disease. Menkes disease aka "kinky hair syndrome" is a disorder that effects copper levels in the body, leading to copper deficiency. Children diagnosed with Menkes typically live 1-3 years.

My heart breaks looking at pictures of sweet baby Teddy, he is the happiest little man I ever did see.

I pray that Mary and her family find the strength and courage to make every day the best day for Teddy & that they are all surrounded by as much love and support as humanly possible.

Please give your little ones an extra big hug & send a prayer to sweet baby Teddy and his family.

You can read more about his story here.


I just went in and gave this goofball a big kiss, counting my blessings tonight!


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