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Hi everyone, Welcome to Exclusive Offers, a new advertising section on BlogHer.com. Exclusive Offers is a place where sponsors can offer special announcements, contests, free stuff, and/or discounted services to bloggers. Exclusive Offers also is a place where bloggers may accept the offers (free stuff!) and take the opportunity to comment on products listed in BlogHer Exclusive Offers or on the sponsor's site when available. Finally, Exclusive Offers is a place where BlogHer regularly links product reviews by bloggers who are paid a fee to write fair and accurate reviews of their opinions of products. You'll recognize these reviews by their "BlogHer Reviewer" badge, which looks like this:

We developed this section in response to community interest. BlogHer is committed to the BlogHer Community Guidelines, which state that advertising and special offers on BlogHer.org (and on blogs that run BlogHerAds) should be labeled as advertising and special offers, and remain completely separate from blog posts or other editorial content. In other words, we want our editors, members and blog-partners to post their opinions -- not ads. That's why our guidelines prohibit "editorial content that has been commissioned and paid for by a third party, and/or contains paid advertising links and/or spam." However, we've learned since launching BlogHerAds that many sponsors want to give away free stuff to bloggers. We also learned that while many bloggers don't want to be pressured to post about free products on their blogs, others are dying to try the free stuff. So -- rather than be complete party-poopers, we decided to create this Exclusive Offers advertising section where sponsors and bloggers can meet up, exchange goodies, and bloggers can give sponsors feedback, good and bad (hey, we're bloggers) in the comments section. This Exclusive Offers section will be the place on BlogHer to find members discussing the products and services they received from our Sponsors. Go for it. Just please respect our Community Guidelines and keep discussion of Exclusive Offers received right here in the Exclusive Offers section. And remember, if you're a member of BlogHerAds, our Guidelines apply to your blogs that publish BlogHerAds too. Best, Elisa, Jory and Lisa


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