Why "While Men Watch" Isn't Helping Women

It's no secret that I'm a huge hockey fan. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen my expletive laden tweets during the hockey season. I take no prisoners. I speak my mind about the game, the officiating, and players that I don't care for personally. I actually understand the game of hockey, and I didn't need a man to "help" me.  That's why the "While The Men Watch" blog and now Hockey Night In Canada commentators is so very wrong.

To say that WTMW is alternate commentary is a gross understatement. What it is, per the few seconds I listened to and the blog posts that I read, is two women jibber jabbering while the game is playing. They even rate the players on their level of hotness, or how a goalie would be good in bed. It's also "taking one for the team", which is their way of saying you should let your significant other have sex with you even if you're on your period to lessen the blow of sports disappointment.  Really? Is this the message we want to send out ladies? Apparently the CBC thinks so, because they gave these women a prominent spotlight to spew their babble.

Now, I'm not a uber feminist. I like pink, I like having doors opened for me. I'm not a man hater. I like male attention. What I object to is the personification of women as giggling idiots. The WTMW women are basically the drunk chick in a bar trying to get a man's attention during a game. We all know how annoying THAT is. Now imagine that all through a hockey game. No, thanks. I'm good.  Hockey gets so little respect from the media and this isn't doing anything to help it gain anything.

Another thing that's concerning is the image being portrayed for our daughters. WTMW tells them that being cutsey and giggly and, well, stupid will get you farther in life. This is not the message I want my daughter to hear. I want her to enjoy sports and learn the rules of the sport instead of "which guy is hot" or "that coach's tie really doesn't go with that suit". We want our daughters to use their brains and actually think. That's not wrong, is it?


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