Why Wholesome foods...a look back...

Okay, so we are starting this journey to eating a more wholesome diet. Why? you ask. Well it all started in reality just a few weeks ago....

...I have been on the Master Cleanse (therawfoodsite.com). Having gone through this journey of freeing my body of toxins, I have come to the conclusion that unless I drastically change how and what we eat, I will just stay in the same spot forever. I spent an entire day researching organic recipes and how to can and other similar topics. I came upon a wonderful website that I proceeded to spend the entire next few days on (heavenlyhomemakers.com). I have gleaned more information from that site than I thought possible. Information to help with our garden that we already started. Information on canning and baking. I learned about places like Azure Standard and how to find organic farms. So hence my journey began.

Catching you up to speed...I have begun buying the things I will need so once I am off my cleanse, we are fully on the way to better eating. I bought a grain mill on eBay yesterday, hoped for a electric one, but don't have the money right now, so I settled for a hand-crank one for now. We bought a dehydrator yesterday from craigslist. And I have placed my first order with Azure Standard, through a local health food store, but more about that later. So, here I am ready to start out with baking and filling our freshly cleaned and plugged in again freezer. Ready for the journey!

Yesterday I went to a local health food store. Found that they get raw milk in online and it was on my way to Central Market (similar to Whole Foods grocery store). While looking over their wares, I found that they carry Azure Standard products and talked to the owner, he told me that I can order through him, he would make money, I could order every two weeks and its closer than the drop-off point!! I also learned that a local "u-pick" farm will be opening up this coming month for u-pickers! Can't wait to take the girls!!

I know it will be tough to get it all together at first. It is costly, but I want this change for our family. I hope that through this journey, you can see that if I, a junk food loving, don't like cooking, kill every plant I own, mom can do this, anyone can. I know the freezer will be my lifeline for much of this. I know there will be times I feel like giving up. But this is for the greater health of not only me, but three other individuals. I know that at some point, it will get better. I know that to start from day 1 on this, to fully implemented, will take time, will take a lot of money. It is all worth it. I can't say we have a lot of money, so I look forward to the day when I have stock of what we need and we won't need to spend much to keep our lifestyle going.

Are you ready to make this journey? Perhaps you already have. Or perhaps, like me, you are new to this too. We can walk this road together, one step at a time.

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