This is Why Women Wear High Heels

High heels do something for women. Something that men, despite their admiration or disdain for the extra height, just can't seem to understand. Why women wear high heels is not just physical, it's psychological. Emotional, even. We could care less about the potential long-term damage to our posture, back, legs or the curb appeal of our toes. The higher the better.

Personally, I can't bring myself to invest in a pair of flats more than twice a year; sandals for spring and summer, satchel boots for fall and winter. One pair for each climate and I'm done. They're a waste of money, in my opinion, but weather and rare occasions sometime require them. My philosophy is this:

Womanhood = (Self-Esteem x Strength) + (Earrings x Lip Gloss)/(Mascara) + (High Heels)

This is the formula for the female species. High heels are an integral part of the equation.

But why do we torture ourselves? There's nothing convenient or comfortable about a six-inch stiletto or a sharp pump that forces five toes into a narrow point of submission. Trekking through uneven concrete on city sidewalks avoiding at all costs the grid pothole coverings is far from glamorous. The consistent pound and pinch on the base of our feet just below the toes can cause our entire lower bodies to cramp by the end of the night - so much so that we fear bending our foot in the opposite direction of the shoe's arch once it's removed.

Wearing high heels is intense - to say the least.

Despite it all, we make the sacrificial choice to rock 'em for more reasons than one.  Men: take note and avoid all attempts to persuade the embrace of our natural height.

Why Women Wear High Heels

I posed the question, "If you had to give ONE reason why you wear high heels, what would it be?" Here's what you had to say...

"I love the way they elongate my legs. It's just something about heels that can make or break an outfit!!!"

"They make my legs look amazing and give me an instant confidence boost!"

"They make me feel sexy"

"A boost of confidence!"

"They make me feel more dressed up than flats do."

"To upgrade an outfit; give it some oomph."

"I wanna feel real sexy!"

"They make my calves look even better than they already do."

"They give me a true presence when I walk in a room."

"There ain't but so much sexiness one can achieve in a pair of flats. Heels automatically give you that ooomph!"

"To feel fly."

"They scream femininity ... I feel like no matter how rough you look, heels give you that feel of 'sexy woman hear me roar'!"

"My appearance feels complete with them on."

"You can't hit that mean Olivia Pope type strut in flats."

Now I know I'm not the only one who believes the torture is completely justifiable. It's about how they make us feel - more so than how they look to others. What's your reason? Speak your mind in the comments below!

Curious to know what the morning after a night of walking in high heels feels like? Read my poem, "the morning after".

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