Why You Need A Daily Rewind!

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How do you end each day in order to destress and unwind? Consider a daily rewind. Take just a few moments at the end of the day to rewind the day's events in your mind. First step is consciously bringing to mind anything negative that happened. Then, and this part is vital, let that (or those if your day was really not so good) GO. You are bringing negativity to mind in order to see that you can let it go. So, throw your own personal Boston Tea Party and just like those intrepid colonists who threw that tea overboard, toss your negative thoughts into an imaginary ocean and let the waves carry those thoughts away forever.

Then take a deep breath to clease your mind and get it ready for the good stuff to come. Follow that by bringing to mind three good thoughts from the day. It might be the sweet smile your son greeted you with this morning. Or it could be the flower you passed on your walk that just reminded you how literally awesome nature is. It might be the compliment you got on how nice you looked today. It could be the pat on the back you gave yourself because you had a terrific exercise session today. It doesn't matter what the thought is. What counts is that it lifts you up and gives you a positive feeling. Even on a lousy day, you can find three things for which you are grateful.

My daughter and I started this practice when she was in college going through a tough time. Each day we emailed at the end of the day (you can also text these) three things we were grateful for. It forced us to bring good things to mind and when life gets hard that's not easy to do but it does help.

So, at the end of your day, try the daily rewind. It rejevenates, it revitalizes and it rests your mind just as you rest your body.


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