Why You Need Video + 3 Quick Steps to Getting Started

Shoot video with a camera.

Photo taken by Claudio Matsuoka.

Yesterday, I walked in on my co-worker.

The room was dark and he was sitting at the table with his face contorted in a strange way. I was a bit taken aback by the scene.

He was there alone at the break room table, hands outstretched, handling something small.

On closer inspection, I realized that he was watching YouTube on his mobile phone! (If you thought he was doing something else, get your mind out the gutter!)

My co-worker, like many Internet lurkers (including myself), get their daily dose of content through video. In fact, just the other day I learned how to properly do the moon walk!

Why Do You as a Blogger Need Video

1.) Connect with your Audience in a Different Way:

Video offers you the chance to engage with your audience in a different way. Sure your readers know you're quirky -- you write clever or helpful things each week in your blog post. But, with video, your audience gets a chance to see you -- your gestures, facial expressions, body language -- and everything that makes you you.

2.) Everyone and Their Mama Are NOT Doing Videos:

Although, you will find a lot of people creating videos on Youtube, not every blogger has added this type of content to their blog. You can quickly differentiate your blog from others in the same category by adding video to your posts.

3.) Attract More People to Your Blog:

People are searching for information. And, what's great is that video is easily shared. Video can be posted not only on YouTube, but on sites such as Vimeo as well as shared in the usual social media places.  By posting your video on Youtube (or other video sharing platforms), you are potentially opening up your blog to new readers.

And, if that doesn't convince you, even Kaiser Permanente, the regional hospital down the street from me, has a YouTube Channel. 

Are you ready to get started? Read 3 quick steps to help you on your way?

For more Tips & Tricks, visit TheVideoMojo.com.


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