Why You Should Choose a Mentor. Part 1

Choosing a mentor is one of the most important decisions you can make as a professional.  Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of having a mentor.  Mentors should be those whose work you admire; poses strong leadership abilities; an inspiration to you and others; offer solutions when you are faced with obstacles and invaluable insight.  Mentors are experts within a particular field and offer a wealth of experience.  In fact, developing a portfolio of mentors to meet different aspects of your life, both personally and professionally, is paramount! 

Here are 3 out of 5 Important Reason’s Every Successful Woman Needs a Mentor. 

Important Reason 1:
A mentor will hold you accountable.  Often, business owners neglect important aspects of their businesses such as marketing, financial obligations or operations.  A mentor will hold you accountable for your actions, help you set realistic goals and assist you in finding ways to balance your time. 

Important Reason 2:
A mentor is like a trusted colleague to discuss problems and find solutions.  When you hire a mentor, you gain a confidant; someone to brainstorm with - a great sounding board!   

Important Reason 3:
A mentor is ‘on the outside looking in.’ As you grow in your business, it is easy to reach a plateau.  A good mentor will bring a new prospective along with a fresh set of eyes.  This will help you work more efficiently with a clearer view of your company’s future growth.

By Sylvia Browder for w2wlink.com

Check back on Friday for the last 2 Reasons! Comment below to let us know if you have a mentor.



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