Do you know why CLIMBing OUT OF THE CUBICLE is so important?


It’s very simple.  And, no, it’s not a secret.


Life is not about the words on your business cards.  It’s not about the crap stuffed into your over-priced apartment. 

Life is about experiences.


If you aren’t experiencing anything…if you aren’t actually living in the world…then none of this is worth it.


Your job isn’t worth it.


Your paycheck isn’t worth it.


Your possessions aren’t worth it.


None of it matters.  All that matters is that you love your life; you love the people around you; and, you love looking into the mirror each morning.


I challenge you to have experiences.  I challenge you to live.  I challenge you to CLIMB OUT OF THE CUBICLE.



Tell me, in the comments, 2 things that you are doing that force you to really live the way you want to live.


Amber is the mastermind being Climb Out of The Cubicle.  Follow her on Twitter.


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