Why You Should Ditch Your Shampoo

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Despite my baby-fine hair and tendency to have an oily scalp, I’ve had the urge lately to completely stop using shampoo .

Why would I want to do this? Every day I’m hearing more and more how shampoo contains lots of chemicals. I won’t go into a list of them, but suffice it to say there is petroleum in it. And we’re putting that on our largest bodily organ –- our skin.

Also, whenever we buy shampoo, it’s in a plastic container. And plastic = more petroleum. Since I’m committed to cutting out unnecessary petroleum from my life, I’m taking the “no poo” challenge.

I’ll admit – I was nervous, though. I can be as vain as they come, so I was very worried that I would look like a greasy hippie. I read the process to wean your hair from shampoo could take months! I couldn’t imagine months of greasy hair but, supposedly, once you’re able to wean yourself off shampoo, your locks will be shiny and gorgeous.

Heck, yeah I want gorgeous hair …

Turns out, this no-shampoo-thing is super-easy: basically, you “wash” your scalp with baking soda solution and condition your ends with apple cider vinegar solution. About a tablespoon to a cup each. And “washing” your hair is really more like massaging your scalp.

That’s it; just rinse, dry and style.

So now that I just told you I haven’t “washed” my hair since last Sunday, I gotta say - I don’t remember when my hair ever looked fuller and felt softer. This is not my hair. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that andydaynow this magical, never-ending “good hair day” will disappear as fast as it showed up.

So, will I ever use shampoo again? Probably. I’m not sure that my hairdresser would go for using a baking soda rinse when I have my hair cut. And, I’m not an avid gym-goer, but if I happen to accidentally do something which causes me to sweat profusely, I might need to use shampoo afterward.

For now, I’m just going to ride this wave. This shiny, wavy, luscious wave.


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