Why You Should Juice

My Juice Juicing is becoming more and more popular these days, so I thought that I would write a post dedicated to the ins and outs of Juicing.

Juicing first became popular with Jack LaLanne (personal hero). He was also known as the fitness guru. He promoted exercise and eating right for most of his life. He even created one of the best juicers on the market. I personally use the Fusion Juicer, but both are good. Since then, juicing has become synonymous with health and vitality, and rightly so. It has many great benefits and has also become widely publicized with the movie "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead". For those of you who haven't seen it, you should! It is an incredible movie about the power of juicing and more importantly taking care of your body. It highlights the highly processed diet of Americans. Notice I didn't say high fat diet of Americans? That's right, head over to my post on proteins, before you think I'm some cookoo bird. This film maker was able to "cure" himself from many auto-immune related conditions. You'll find today that many healthcare providers: MDs, DOs, DCs, Naturopaths, etc... (sorry if I left anyone out) are turning to food as medicine. Who was it that said "Let food be thy medicine" ? Oh yea Hippocrates. I think that guy was on the right track. In today's society of fast this and fast that, and processed this and that, it's no wonder that the body is attacking itself.
Would you normally hit yourself? No, seriously... would you normally hit yourself?
NO When do you hit yourself? ----slapping a bug away, you catch on fire (hopefully not, but ya never know), when your body has something on it that it wants to get off.

Ah! the light bulb goes off.

So your body "attacks" itself when it feels like it is under attack. Hmmm.... So do you think that it could do that on the inside? Well, I hope it can do that. After all isn't that what my immune system is for? Yes, I believe so. I believe my immune system is there to protect me from things that are not good for me i.e. bacteria, viruses, chemicals, etc. Yes that is exactly what I think.

When I put harmful chemicals in the form of processed foods in my body then yes I think that my body will form a response because it does not recognize them as natural.

Now some of you might ask about allergies. I'm going to steer clear of this topic for now. But I will say this, no system is perfect and people can have severe allergies to things like peanuts, shellfish, hay, grass, you get the point. You can also have sensitivities to certain foods, which you should also get checked for. Allergists are highly trained medical doctors or doctors of osteopathy, who can help you determine what exactly you are allergic to so that you may steer clear from them (if possible), or take injections. Why take injections? Because the injections help to boost your immune system and hopefully lessen your body's natural reaction to them. Voila! an easy to solution to those nasty buggers.

How does this work with juicing? Juicing allows your body to get the nutrients from many fruits and vegetables in one glass. Many people have a hard time breaking down the cellulose in plants and have great discomfort. This discomfort can be the result of years of poor nutrition. That being said, the body needs to slowly be re-acclimated to highly nutritious foods. So taking them in liquid form can be helpful. It also for people who may not like the taste and texture of certain foods.

Taking in pure fruit and vegetable nutrients can help to calm the immune system. Instead of bombarding it with processed foods full of chemicals, which only reek havoc. As in the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", Joe Cross had an auto-immune disorder and was taking steroids and other medications to control. He decided to give up junk food, fast food and processed foods and only juice fresh fruits and vegetables for 60 days. He chronicled his 60 day journey across the United States as well as his road to recovery. For him and many others like him, providing his body with fresh fruits and vegetables allowed his system to calm down. It was no longer being assaulted with the harmful chemicals from processed food. He was advised by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, known for his books and DVDs on healthy eating. Dr. Fuhrman coined the health equation= nutrients/calories.

To boil it all down for you, because I know it's a lot. Juicing is good for you. Plain and simple. It helps to restart a system that been beaten down.
1 key point: Juice lots of vegetables! Juicing too many fruits can increase the amount of sugar to undesirable levels

Talk to your medical doctor before beginning any strict diets. As always, the information presented here is a matter of opinion.
If you are interested in a lifestyle change, consult a dietician, naturopath, DO, MD or DC.

As Always,
Live Well and Be Well :)

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