Why You Should Never Defend a Mistake

We are all human.  Speaking for myself, I know there will be days when I am more human than others.  And by that I mean I make mistakes.

Then there is my ego.  My ego that has me striving to be All-Knowing, Miss Perfect, Super Mom, Super Friend, and Super Employee.

So what happens when my humanness and ego collide?  They cause me more problems than is necessary.

A friend shared a story recently of a spat he had had with his wife as he was getting ready for work.  She was talking on a topic in which he had no interest.  While she was talking, he walked out of the bedroom to get his watch.

When he returned she was pissed off because he was rude by walking out in the middle of her talking.  He knew it; but instead of fessing up and apologizing his ego took over.  He started defending why he walked out of the room.  As he and I were talking he shared that their argument started escalating until they were both acting like teenagers.

He mimicked ‘You do it too!’  He had me laughing.  Partly because it was funny, mostly because I could identify with exactly where he was at.  I can act like that too!

The good news is that when we remove ourselves from the situation we can objectively look at our behavior.  For me, it becomes evident what the next right step I need to do is.

For my friend, he knew he was rude for walking out and he realized he was wrong for trying to defend his first wrong.  Talking with his wife later in the day, he took responsibility for his actions and apologized to her.

So the lesson learned is that self-examination of our behavior is key to growth, but what is equally as important is the willingness to admit when we are in the wrong.

Debbi Dickinson

Founder|Stepping Into Joy, LLC

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