Why You Should Write a Journal

When you journal you are releasing hurt, anger, pain, sadness and guilt. You can get it all off your chest without hurting anyone…and it’s time you did. I know it’s easier said than done. I’ve faced my own stubborn issues and I did what I’m asking you to do. I could hold a grudge with the best of them…until I started journaling….and adding that to prayer.

I found out something in the process. The worse thing you can do to someone who wants to keep drama going is….do not give them any ammo. Ignore them and walk away. Smile, if you can, but DON’T SAY A WORD! The more you try to explain, the more it goes on. I have a very intelligent Aunt that made me promise to NEVER explain my life, again. I do not owe anyone an explanation about MY life. Eventually, they will  move on to their next victim when they can’t get a rise out of you. When you are done with it, you will feel free and a weight will be lifted off of you.

Holding onto a painful past, anger, pain, hurt, grudges and sadness will turn to depression, raise your stress levels and can weaken your immune system. It threatens you with heart disease, depression, high blood pressure and cancer. Is there ANYONE in the world worth all that? Your answer should be no.

Forgiveness. When you do not forgive, you are dragging that person with you everywhere you go and you will until you are free of it. You are taking that person to work, the grocery store, the movies, dinner, to bed at night. The person you won’t forgive is controlling your life, your thoughts, your emotions. Enough! You do not have to have a relationship or reconciliation with them. Just forgive….and walk away. Forgive for yourself so you can continue on with the good, abundant life that God wants you to have. If you are the one that caused the pain, or hurt, forgive yourself ….because God did the second you asked.

That was bad news first! Now the good part.

When you journal you realize how many good things you have in your life.

You begin to be grateful for things you had over looked.

You see the little things.

You find out who you are and what matters most.

You will realize you already have everything inside of you to be happy.

Keep your journal by your bed. Buy the prettiest blank book and pen you can find.

Some ideas to write about:

Everyday write 5 things you are grateful for.

Bless and wish well 5 people.

Do you have changes to make in your life? Ask God for help.

.Have you ever stood up for what you believed in, even though it was very hard?

Write about your family….husband/wife and children.

Where, and how, did you grow up?

Did you have a happy childhood?

What is the best gift you ever gave? Received?

What’s your favorite book, movie and song?


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