Why Your Cell Phone is Your Worst Enemy

There has been much written about the cost and benefit of cell phone/smart phones. I mean seriously, how great that we can press a few buttons and read the news, catch up with old friends, or back out of dinner with the mother in law without actually having to talk to her.

But... the other day I had a moment when I realized how sad it is that our children are growing up with their parents faces buried in their phones.  Here's what happened:

So my son's class was having a Muffins for Mom breakfast...how sweet right??? We were seated at a table with three other "couples". The event was scheduled to last for 30 minutes. The kids were prepped to serve us a muffin and juice and if time allowed they should get a book or puzzle and sit with mom and enjoy their choice of quiet activities. They could also take mom through the class to show off some of their current work.  My son was thrilled...he very carefully carried my juice to my table.  Sat so nicely and enjoyed the muffin. He made me a placemat with flowers that he colored yellow because it's my favorite color.  He wrote a book that talks about me... I'll cherish it forever.

OK...so here's the part that breaks my heart. When we were done eating he got up to get a book....the other boys did too. One came with a book and one with a puzzle. The two moms took the moment that their child was gone to pull out their phones and never looked up again.  The children were clearly trying to get their attention...the puzzle boy kept asking her questions about the pieces, she barely looked up.  Eventually, one got up and left and the other started getting involved in our conversation. When the 30 minutes were up, one of the mom's got up and loudly announced that time was up - and off she went.  She couldn't get out of their fast enough.

It was heart breaking really...to see this two kids aching for their mom's attention, but 30 minutes of undivided attention was too much to ask.

Now, I'm the first to tell my kids that it is quiet time or that they need to play because I'm busy doing something - hey, the bills gotta get paid and dinner has to get made too. I'm not their personal playmate...that's what siblings are for.  But when your kid is looking for just a few minutes of your undivided attention to celebrate mother's day - seriously...put the phone down!!!

On this mother's day...I'm asking you to looking at your media use. I'm typing this now while the baby is in bed for the night and the older two are camping out with dad. I have some quiet time to myself.  But, I'll admit that this morning I did scold my husband for grabbing his phone and reading it at the breakfast table.  They grow up fast people...they won't be little forever. So put down the phone and smell the roses and baby feet!!!


Happy Mother's Day 2014!