Why Your Clothes Aren’t Fitting Your Style

Women everywhere stand in front of their closets every morning and think, “I have nothing to wear,” even if they have a closet full of clothes. Women struggle with so many self-esteem issues every day, comparing themselves to the celebrities that they see on TV that it is easy to understand why they may not feel confident in the clothes that they have on.


There are a lot of different issues that can cause a woman to feel insecure about the clothes she is wearing. Luckily, a lot of them can be fixed with the right tools and guidance. Here are some reasons why your clothes aren’t fitting your personal style and making you feel your best every day.

You are wearing the wrong size

Women will have as many as four different sizes of clothing in their wardrobe simply because they do not know what fits them. Many women also use the excuse that they are keeping an item of clothing because it will fit them again once they lose weight. It is better to have a few good items in your closet that fit you really well right now instead of a lot of clothes that only remind you of your imperfections. Keep the well-fitting clothes and get rid of the rest.

You are wearing the wrong undergarments

For many women, the fit of the outer clothing is not the problem, but instead the problem is the fit of what’s underneath. Having a bra or pair of panties that doesn’t fit properly can completely alter an entire outfit, making you feel self-conscious and insecure. Even though no one will see your undergarments, that doesn’t mean that they should be completely forgotten about when considering your outfits. Try ThirdLove bras and panties to get the perfect fit for you to make every outfit you put on look and feel a little better.

You are wearing the wrong color

Not every woman has the same skin coloring, so some colors that will work well to flatter some women’s skin tones may not work well to flatter another woman’s skin tone. Finding the right colors for your skin tone will take some trial and error, putting on clothes in different colors to see how they work with your skin color, but once you find out what the best colors for you are, you will be able to keep that in mind every time you go shopping in the future.

You are trying to look like someone else

The most important aspect of personal style is to be you. If you are constantly looking through fashion magazines and trying to replicate what celebrities are wearing, you will not be comfortable or happy with what you are wearing. Fashion should reflect your personality and personal taste. You should only wear styles, colors and items that you really like, not just the most recent trend that you are not really that crazy about. Picking clothes that you truly love will have you feeling confident no matter what outfit you put on. 

Image: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2115002/Two-thirds-women-clothes-don-t-fit-hope-FOUR-sizes-wardrobes.html

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