Can You Please Stop Looking at Your Phone?


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I just got together with a relatively new friend for a playdate. Our kids got along great, but she was constantly on her phone. When did it become okay to have a conversation while looking at your phone? I wanted to say something but thought she might get offended. Any advice?


iPhones Can Be iRude

woman playing with her phone

Credit Image: Buzzfarmers on Flickr

Dear iPhones Can Be iRude,

Oh, I know what you mean! It burns me up when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone and they are reading their emails, texting or playing games on their phone.

Technology IS very addictive.

But even though we love to blame it, people have been distracted since the dawn of time. I think Eve used to get mad at Adam for cracking open coconuts while she was trying to have a serious conversation with him about God's potential wrath over some forbidden fruit. (I might have a few details wrong.)

My point is: I agree with you that it is very rude behavior. I am a big fan of putting one's phone away whenever possible. Although to some extent, we probably all have been guilty of this kind of behavior. I mean, except for my mom who still can't figure out how to turn her phone on. But the rest of us certainly have.

Maybe this was a one-time thing. Set up another playdate. Try again. If Distracted Debbie still can't get her eyes off her phone, you can say something casual like, "Hey, you sure are busy on your phone! What are you working on?" This might be enough to jolt her back to reality. She might even realize she is being a bit impolite.

But if she turns out to be the kind of girl who can't go two minutes without putting up another Facebook status, then it's time to hang out with some different friends. The ones who can appreciate an IRL playdate with another mom.

Good Luck,

Kelcey, TMH


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