WIAW & NY Resolutions

What a funny title. Lots of initialisms {because technically they aren't acronyms, in my view} this morning! Haha.

So I'm happy to report that I am so sore from yesterday's 3 mile run & 25 minute weight lifting sessions! I really did miss having a gym, with a lot of space that I can feel comfortable in.

After a killer workout yesterday, I was ready to refuel my body with some awesome eats that I want to share with y'all.

Oh! And it's What I Ate Wednesday time, so that means I just have to share my eats with y'all.

Breakfast. Ok now, don't judge. Sometimes I like weird things, in case you haven't noticed.

There is something about a cold, smooth avocado on top of some warm egg whites.


Snack. I've been craving a white chocolate macadamia nut LUNA bar ... like big time. So I had one, with a side of banana.

I ended up leaving the yogurt and blueberries at work. When my second snack came around I wasn't hungry.

Lunch. This was a pretty amazing meal too! Tomatoes and a turkey sandwich on protein bread.

Yep, you heard {well, read} me! Protein Bread!

I enjoyed this sandwich with a side of homemade veggie chips {recipe to follow later this week}. Well, they weren't really on the side. I added them to my sandwich :)

Dinner. Green Giant Creamed Spinach and boneless pork chop. So good!

Snack. Grapes that I forgot to photograph! Opps! Please forgive me :)

Thanks Jen for hosting yet another fab WIAW party! And Happy 50th WIAW!

Y'all should go to her website and check out what others are eating.

Enough with eats, it's resolution time.

I'm not going to list all of my resolutions, since some are a bit personal, but I will share a majority!

This year I resolve to:

1) Eat clean. I really want to get away from processed foods as best as possible. And by default, I will be eating more fruits and vegetables. Win, win!

2) Get healthy. This is both physical and mental.

3) Run a 1/2 marathon. I'm registered! This is real, y'all!

4) Practice more yoga.

5) Walk Sydney more and try to get her in a play class once a week. This will tie in to #6.

6) Stop spending, and start saving. But I don't want to become a penny pincher, rather, I want to spend on things I need and that will add to the quality of my life. This past year I spent way too much on retail therapy. That will not fly in 2012.

So there you have it! My 2012 resolutions, give or take a few.

Want to know my craziest resolution ever?

Two years ago, I gave up potatoes for an entire year. Potatoes in any and every shape or form would not pass my lips.

And I did it! For an entire year! How crazy is that?!

If I could do that for a year, my list of resolutions should be a breeze, right??

What eats have you enjoyed lately?

Do you have any resolutions you'd like to share?

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