Is Wii Fit Helping Me Get Fit?

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For me, the answer to that question is, heck yea (or it was until it got struck by lightning and died.) Will it help you get fit? It might but there are a lot of things to consider before you shell out the money for the game (or the system if you don't already have a Wii.)

One of the first things I think you should consider before buying the Wii Fit is how you'll feel about the weigh in and the BMI components of the game. I'm anti-scale in general and I take issue with being "forced" to use the scale and/or BMI tools in order to do the regular check ins.

The Wii Fit doesn't recognize "growth spurts" in teenagers or "early puberty" issues at all. We have a child who Wii Fit considers obese but if we change her birth date to that of her older sister's, she's in the healthy range. She is a well developed girl who is troubled by puberty and she didn't need the Wii Fit calling her "obese". Blogher member Jenny74 blogged the problem with Wii Fit and children. Nintendo needs to change the game so that parents can set up parental controls on that piece of the game or offer you the ability to turn down the weigh in/BMI check in but still stamp your calendar and use the journal tools.

If you don't like to weigh in and you feel you might be negatively effected by a BMI tool that consistently calls you overweight or obese, you might consider skipping that part of the game entirely. Unfortunately, you'll miss the fun calendar stamping activity if you do this. You could also skip the Wii Fit and just go with active games like Wii Sports, Wii Boogie and Wii Dance Dance Revolution.

Like all exercise plans and programs, the Wii Fit will only work for you if you actually use it regularly. (And by "work for you" I mean help you get fit, since that's what this post is about.) You also have to challenge yourself by increasing repetitions and/or duration as your strength and stamina improve. A 30 minute Wii Fit workout might be great for you today, but after a couple of weeks of consistent workout, you must challenge yourself.

A few months ago, before the lightning strike, I was using the Wii Fit everyday. I had created my own workout plan and schedule. My plan was to do Yoga and Aerobics every other day and Strength Training and Balance every other day.

This is another area where the Wii Fit falls short. It does recommend a set of exercises as you're moving through Yoga or Strength moves but it doesn't offer you specific workouts or allow you to create personalized workouts and save them to use as you wish. The game would be vastly improved by both of those tools.

My plan was working great and I was about to the point where I needed to increase either the length of my workouts or the repetitions. Darn lightning. When I get my Wii fixed, I'm going to have to start all over again.

I had hoped by now to be able to tell you whether I was able to stick with my Wii Fit workout schedule or whether I'd become bored with it. I'll let you know, eventually.

While you wait for me to send mine off to Nintendo for repair and start all over again, you can check out posts by folks using their Wii Fits to get fit.

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