Wiksten Tova Tunic...


Way back at the end of November I asked my Facebook fans if they had any suggestions between the Wiksten Tova  or the Schoolhouse Tunic?

I thought that, perhaps, (silly me) I would try to get a new dress in for myself by Christmas.  HA!  Seriously, I knew I was kidding myself...But, I really wanted to try something new for myself.  While I certainly love my Washi dress, and tunics I was looking to branch out a bit...

And then early in January Jennifer started talking about making a Wiksten Tova of her own, and then Anna and Erin made two corduroy dresses that I loved and it was all over...decision made...Tova it was!

I bought fabric to use as a "muslin" tunic and some to use to make a dress.  I loved Jeni's idea to make her muslin out of inexpensive fabric so that if it worked out then it would still be wearable.  Great idea.  I found some fabric that was marked way down at Fabricworm (Joel Dewberry, Handpicked Daisies) and used that as my muslin. IMG_8851

It is quite a "quick" sew, the directions are clear and simple.  The only thing that slows down the process is all of the gathering, but you know that's what makes it look so pretty. IMG_8636


I made this version based on my measurements, but I felt like it was a bit too big.  Not crazy big that I couldn't wear it, because I do wear it, a lot!  I really do love it!  But, big enough that I decided to go down a size for the dress version.  But that's tomorrow...

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