Wildcrafting: Moss Garden

When I have time in late fall or early winter, I like to make a moss garden or two to provide a spot of green in the cold, dark months. My critters went with me, apparently thinking I needed escort service.

Moss is so pretty with its endless shades of green and even its shapes. I know there are people out there who can tell me that names of the various kinds; I've never attempted to learn them but I do enjoy looking at moss and lichen. I found a selection of odds and ends to add to the gardens, too--a moss-covered stick,


a lichened rock, 


different colors of moss


and a few plants.

I pulled up the geraniums and lobelia even though the plants were still thriving, even this late in December. I've never had flowers so late in the year! I put the geraniums in the cellar, to replant in the spring. Then I arranged the moss and other items in the flower pots.




You can click on each picture for a closer look at the mosses. 
This is a great project to do with children, too--they can find the mosses and the different items to add to their gardens to create a little moss world. 
All of these took very little time--or as much time as I wanted to spend. The gathering process can be a lingering one as you see things in the woods and meander from place to place looking for the "perfect" items for your project. Gathering combines several pleasant and necessary activities: exercise from walking and bending, relaxation through contemplation of nature, and mindfulness from close attention to surroundings and the smaller things that make our forests so lovely.


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