Will the “Real” Feminists Please stand up?

       There is a fine line a woman must walk when running for public office in the United States of America. If she throws herself off-balance more than a few centimeters, the consequences could be detrimental to her campaign. And because women who are running for public office are you know, women, the “hawk eyes” are keen to watch and scrutinize every move they make. Of course I am referring to the media, but I’m also referring to the scrutiny of the American public. For example, surely everyone can recall somewhat, the recent nominations of Supreme Court Justices Kagan and Sotomayor….but do you remember the nomination of Justice Scalia or even Justice Roberts went? If you do, I’m sure it went rather smoothly. As for the past female nominees, well, let's just say scrutiny was high and around every corner until they were sworn in.

     So why am I bringing this up? Well one reason is the fact that several conservative women running for office lately are repeatedly making those detrimental mistakes I mentioned earlier, and consequently, I think it’s beginning to tarnish the overall image of the strong American woman. The second reason is that the mistakes these women are making lately, seem to often parallel with conservatism, stupidity, and extreme religious values. As a result, it is hurting their campaigns and it’s also hurting women's rights in America.

     That being stated, I am not trying to debunk the religious values of women in this blog post. In fact, a recent poll shown here, reports that many Americans prefer someone who is considered “religious” to run for public office. But a specific kind of religion is unclear, and that is possibly because there is a line one must tow when it comes to expressing their religious beliefs to the public in the United States. A "moral" person is what we actually care about. We may not even realize this until an extremist decides to go on a tangent over some psycho babble about the world ending. And it does make sense doesn’t it? The foundation of this United States was brought about by a yearning for religious freedom and expression. It is ingrained in American citizens from the time they are children that the First Amendment rights are incredibly important. It's the FIRST Amendment for a reason. So while it’s probably a “good” thing to be religious when running for office, there is a line to draw…and that line must parallel with the lines of fairness and humanity in this country.

      Of course as we've seen lately, this is just not happening in American politics, and the country is suffering as a result. Religious extremism has taken a front seat, making current legislation irrational, unfair, and a ridiculous game of snakes & ladders. Reporters are quoting the country as having one of the most “toxic political environments” in years. It is hurting the way the United States of America is running government, in our economy, in the hypocrisy of politicians because they just can’t measure up to their impossible moral standards (ex: “Weinergate”), and it also shows in the evasiveness of the conservative women who have currently decided to run for important positions such as President of the United States.

      As a result, these women and other politicians become nothing but a silly joke for late-night comedy until a better nominee comes along. If you think I’m also being ridiculous, let’s put it this way, it’s highly unlikely conservatives will actually be electing a woman for president. Think about it. It doesn’t really mesh with their ignorant principles does it? What do conservative men think a woman of should be doing. What do conservative women think about? Sounds like it's hockey and lipstick much of the time ;-).

        Likewise, one of the most shocking facts to me about this is that the current women running around spewing irrational religious theory as potential public policy, forget that they are actually doing so because of feminists who gave them the freedom to run for office in first place. Yep there’s the kicker about all this. These women, you know some of them, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman,  Christine O’Donnell and other conservative “politicians,” are walking hypocrites. The only reason they are allowed to get up on that podium and preach their “do-gooder, follow whatever your husband believes, anti-gay, anti-human, anti-democrat” campaigns, is because of feminism. In essence, they may actually be conservative FEMINISTS! Has anyone ever seen the movie Mona Lisa Smile? Some of those feminists women wore skirts, lipstick, and still wanted to work and get married like today. And then some of them didn’t, and that's fine. Let’s take a basic look at the republican women running office today. They work don’t they? They have the freedom to preach what they want don’t they? But they will deny this is a feminist value until someone takes away their paychecks. If that happens, watch the feminist lioness rear its head baby!

     Look, I have no problem with women deciding to stay home while your husband works. That is your right, and I am a feminist. I believe that is a person's freedom, and I must respect his or her decision because that is what equality is all about. But conservative women should do the same. It seems liberal feminists have respected conservative women too long perhaps? Because the actions of these public women, are pretty much a slap in the face to all liberal feminists…which is sad because in essence…they are kind of stabbing their own selves in the back in the end. Maybe it's because American women often started out as traditional "conservatives." But things are different since 1920. So the actions of conservatives are shameful, embarrassing and disrespectful, and I want to see more feminist stand up, unafraid to something about it. I want to see someone call them out and say how dare you! And wipe the floor with their ignorance, because that’s where dirt should stay. Feminists, or for lack of a better choice of words, women who want to be treated equally in society, need to stand up, run for office and change things soon before we lose more women in office and our concerns are simply ignored by the remaining men in power.  Please Stand up. Please Say Something. Do Something! I have through my volunteer work, and through my writing because that is how I can use my talents to help. I am asking you to use any and all the talents you have to do the same.

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