Will 2012 Be the Year We Lose "Mom" as the Go-To Modifier?

Good Riddance "Baby Bump"

Not only did this phrase join a set of other annoying expressions and words banished at the end of 2011, its prominent position on the list made me wonder if 2012 might just be the year when "mom" gets knocked off the top of the go-to modifier list.

It's been "soccer mom" this and "grizzly mom" or "tiger mom" that for too freaking long. Enough already! There's more to being a female in modern society than "momming"-- has it really become a verb, too?  Apparently.

Moms may be vocal about their momminess, but they're increasingly in the minority. Take Canada, for example, where married couples with kids are no longer in the majority.

From my sampling, I happen to know that of the 53% of females in the U.S. who are not mothers there are quite a few who would find it refreshing to see a broader (pun intended) way to characterize or define females in ad copy or on news shows or interviews and features. 

After a particularly irritating 2010, I was sort of hoping that 2011 might be the year, but alas, at the very end of December there was the media talking about Iowa Moms. (Are they really the only females who follow political campaigns??)

We have a rich vocabulary that seems to grow more creative by the day. Women young and old alike have multi-faceted lives. How about we put some new terms to work in various forms of messages, advertising, monikers and the like?

Pamela Tsigdinos, Author of the Award-Winning Book, Silent Sorority

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