Will Banning Foods in Schools Work?

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[Editor's Note: Last week the LA Times ran a piece about banning things like chocolate milk from school cafeterias. Maryann from Raise Healthy Eaters wrote an important piece explaining why this is a bad idea. She raises some very good points. -Jenna]

Why Banning Foods in School Sends Kids the Wrong Message:

Which is Better?When we teach kids that some foods are “bad,” it’s very conflicting to them. One the one hand they enjoy these foods, but on the other hand, they keep hearing how bad they are for them. How many adults feel these same feelings of conflict: “I know I shouldn’t eat dessert but I can’t help myself.”

In some kids, but not all, banning and making single foods out to be bad make them even more attractive.

Read the rest of Maryann's post to learn why fear and food don't mix.

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