Will the Country's Narrative (Ever) Change: About Paula Deen

With the start of the Trayvon Martin case, it seems a little lame to focus so much on Paula Deen. What troubles me most about the purported discussion as seen in yesterday's New York Times, is how the Deen flap is being covered. Journalism is not a simple juxtapositon of what black people versus what white people say in support or against Paula's action.

Did the pot meet the kettle in Deen's case? Um, yes.  I just don't think that the Time's line of analysis moves the racist thinking down the road at all.

I wrote a piece for Generation Fabulous yesterday in response to the New York Times' article which is my primary example of this simplistic thinking: if Paula Deen was so bad why would black people drive several hours to dine at her restaurant and jump to her defense.  On the opposite end, Paula is a product of her time.  Don't you think there is something wrong with essentializing the controversy to these binaries?

There are more important things to think about, like justice for Trayvon Martin. 







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