Will Cursive Handwriting Become Extinct?

Can you write in cursive? More importantly, can you read it?

I spent my afternoon writing to my pen pals. I loved writing my pen pals just as much as reading their letters. I wrote in regular font due to laziness, but I noticed one of my pen pals had written me in cursive handwriting. First of all, her penmanship is perfect! She could have a business of writing out people’s special events invitations for a side job.

I started thinking about if children these days were being taught to write in cursive. I asked my wonderful friend who is a teacher here if she ever teaches her 3rd grade class cursive handwriting. “If there is any extra time, we’ll go over it, but it’s not a priority.”

She then continue to say, “One time that I did write something on the board in cursive, her class freaked out because they couldn’t read what I had written!”

I could remember all those days of writing the on the printed paper to make sure your cursive J’s and T’s hit the top of the line, and the lower case letters only reach the middle dotted line. I loved writing those short sentences, or the same word over and over. The first time I wrote my full name in cursive was really neat.

I think children still use this paper, but not for cursive. I know that computers and keyboards end the need to write by hand. But I would still want my child to know how to read and write in cursive, and to have nice penmanship. What happens when she/he receives a gift from someone? They should be able to send a handwritten Thank You card! Or when their computer isn’t (GASPS!) working?

For those parents who worry about their child not writing by hand as much, I urge you to tell them to get a pen pal! At 30 years old, I have pen pals and I love it.

I would hope this advice makes me sound cool and not lame, haha.

What are your thoughts on handwriting, and the notion that maybe one day, cursive writing will be some secret way of writing that only us “old” people can read and do??

I hope you had a nice day!




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