Will is a liar.

The word will is deceptive.

will explore.
will breathe.
will run.
will laugh.
will love.

Will is a nimble thief. He slips in uninvited, unnoticed, and turns plans into maybes. Subtlety and comfort are his cloak, lulling the unwary into complacency. Always waiting. He is skilled at diversion and time is his currency.

Time flows whether we’re ready to ride the current or not and there is no better moment than now to jump in. Soak it up. Screw will. He doesn’t float. We do.

Remove will and what’s left?

I explore.
I breathe.
I run.
I laugh.
I love.

jump, water, boy, lake, water, mountains, time passes, summer, dock, photograph


Kat @ jackstrawlane


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