Will My Baby Boy Wear Pink?

Our living room has been buried under piles and piles and PILES of clothing all week long. Seriously, it looks like Thing One and Thing Two ditched the Cat in the Hat and took over my house instead. Except that in this version of the story, my kids and some random talking goldfish actually encouraged the chaos instead of trying to contain it.

It all started earlier this week when I realized that I have four months left in my pregnancy and I’d probably need to start gathering clothes. So on Monday morning, I started pulling all the bins of clothing up from the laundry room and dumped them on the couch. Then, basket by basket, I brought them back down to the laundry room  to be washed and dried. In retrospect, I probably could have skipped a step there.

Since I was in a sorting mode, I pulled out half the clothes from the girls’ dressers and closets as well. Six years of clothing, all on my living room floor.

Now, when it comes to dealing with children’s clothes, I follow the sorting method described on The Happiest Home. I store ALL the spring/summer and fall/winter clothes together, regardless of size. I used to try to be more organized. I had a bin for 0-3 month clothes and a bin for 3-6 month clothes and a bin for 6-9 month clothes and a bin for 9-12 month clothes. I had a bin for 12 month clothes and a bin for 24 month clothes and a bin for 36 month clothes. And I had no floor space in my laundry room whatsoever. Just bins.

But of course, Murphy’s Law would kick in and things would get lost. Item’s would get stashed in the wrong bin and were as good as gone. Or labels fell off the bins and the clothes weren’t discovered until halfway through a season. Or clothes were put away because they were the “wrong” size – even though they fit perfectly well – and replaced by clothes that could have stayed in storage for another year.

When I read the post last year on The Happiest Home, I realized it could all be much easier. Each season, I go through all the clothes that we own and I pick out the season-appropriate ones that will fit each of the two girls. Clothes that are too small or too big or too warm or too cold or too polyester (fabric snob alert) go back in the bins to be sorted again in the next season. In this way, I don’t miss anything and I make sure that the closets aren’t filled with clothes that don’t actually fit properly. While I sort, I remove any clothes that the Pixie has outgrown and I either donate it to a thrift store or move it to a small bin of my absolute favourites, kept for a hypothetical third baby.

And now that baby is far less hypothetical! There’s just one problem: he probably doesn’t want to wear the beautiful plaid dress that the Princess wore for her 6 month pictures. And he probably won’t like the handmade dresses and skirts that I lovingly sewed. And he probably doesn’t want his 1st birthday picture taken in the same outfit that both his sisters (unintentionally) wore.

A lot of clothes had to go.

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