Will the REAL Millionaire Please Stand Up!



The one thing that I've learned in this industry over the years is that you can not judge a book by its cover, nor can you tell a client's financial situation based on his job title or what he's wearing. See, the media has us all screwed up when it comes to determining economics and success in this country. By Media standards the successful man, the millionaire man is some Lawyer, Doctor, CEO, Entertainer, Politician, or some Fortune 500 man in a business suit and a Rolex! But I beg to differ!

Let me introduce you to a few Millionaires and successful men that I know, and YES I got permission to use their likeness.

(Client #1)

I'll call client # 1 "Teddy". I first met Teddy 3 years ago and he's been a very good regular of mine ever since. He usually drives up from Springfield MO on his vintage Harley Davidson that he's worked on for a decade. He's a middle aged man, quiet, yet has the cutest country accent! He doesn't talk much about what he does for a living, which is a trait that MOST successful men have. He will on occasion go on about the frustrations of being the owner of a Tractor Dealership. See, Teddy is the owner of a successful Tractor sales company that caters to farmers and landscapers. He also has a repair shop for Tractors that need upkeep and repair. He says that Tractors and farm life is his business, and from what I've heard about farm life and landscaping, it's a busy life and a profitable one for the businesses that cater to it!

(Client #2)

I'll call client #2 "Johnny". If I were to go on dress style alone I would consider Johnny your average lower to middle class working gentleman, based on the fact that he always comes to see me wearing his janitor's uniform. He always excuses himself first to take a shower being that he just got off the job. He's cute, funny, articulate, and is the owner of janitorial company whose accounts include several apartment complexes, car dealerships, movie theaters, large churches, and a few business office complexes throughout St. Louis and Illinois. He usually drives his company vehicle, but on occasion would come over in his pick up truck which is a 2005 Chevy Silverado extended cab. He says he has a Lexus but his wife drives it mostly.

(Client #3)

This client is a client that I've had since the very beginning, and I've talked about him numerous times because he's my Porno Partner in crime "K". Whenever K comes to see me he usually has about 3 cell phones attached to his hip. Cell phone #1 for personal use, cell phone #2 for his company use, and Cell phone # 3 is a phone/inventory scanner. And man let me tell you, those phones ring constantly during sessions; all three of them. See, K is the owner of a successful pharmaceutical Delivery service, and he's an extremely hard worker, and I admire that about him!

The one thing that all these men have in common is they're undying thrive to be successful hardworking business owners. Whoever says that business owners just sit on their asses all day and give orders is hugely mistaken. I once had a guy tell me that when he becomes a millionaire he's not going to do anything but chill out and give orders. I guess some just don't realize the complexities of owning a business, and the others are just plain idiots!


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